Oh what young kids are we,

Believing only in what we see.

Drinking our youth away from bottles that desolate souls.



Your smile can build bridges,

But your fists tear them down.

Your happiness can be an ongoing echo,

But your anger still resounds.

Through the chaotic field of enhanced emotions,

You told me you’d always be around.

But this time, you threw the cannons

I knew you’d never be found.

Less than More

“No, I like you for so much more,” he said. But how could he like me for more, when he only asked for less?

More. What a word.

I’ll never be more because you lie when you say you want that.

Your cravings aren’t for more of me, more of my story that I wish impatiently to share. You crave this image of my body, but that is not more; it’s less. It is less of who I am, it is less than my soul, it is less of my spirit, my mine, my heart.

It is less of me.

You don’t like me for so much more. You like less of me. You like to look at the cover, but you don’t want to read the pages inside. You don’t like me for more.

You don’t like me for me.

No. 4

So it’s finally March, and the quarter for school is about to end. I’m glad it’s finally coming to an end. This year has been too tedious. But I’m here to recommend some music so let’s jump into it. Now I know a lot of my music that I’ve recommended so far may only be for a select few, but I have a feeling this one will reach more people.

I really like rock and classic rock, but I haven’t been listening to it for a while because it never fit my mood. Recently however, I’ve been dealing with a lot of drama and I’ve been coping with it though Guns ‘n’ Roses. It’s been a real blessing lately. If I need something to boot up my mood, they’ve got the song. If I need something a little more slow or sad, they’ve got the song. It may sound weird, but really, they have been doing my attitude huge favors.

Lastly, I’d like to recommend a remix I found on Soundcloud. You’re going to think I’m crazy, but I went on a trip a few weeks back, and of course that meant spending quality with the chairs at the airport. It turns out if you listen to this a few times over, the time flies by. So it’s an extremely long (31 minutes) but a hell of a remix. It’s called Too Future. Guest Mix 075: Pluto.( https://soundcloud.com/too-future-mixes/too-future-guest-mix-075-pluto ) Honestly I think it’s great, but it’s not like my normal recommendations, so if you’re expecting something more soft and mellow I apologize. I hope you enjoy these recommendations, because I enjoy giving them! Have a Gucci day 😉


Down came the rivers of melancholy that glistened on your face.

Eyes so deep, Poseidon was jealous and claimed the tears you

cried. Nothing could cease your cascading waterfalls.

Anger and rage coursed through your veins, and your delicate hands turned to fists.

Destruction was the path you were on, but he sat there,

enjoying and basking in his triumph.

Newly formed bruises decorated your body; his trophy.

Cuts from his words were still prominent in your spirit, and

eventually, you fell to him.