No. 2

I realize it’s been over a month. Oops. I apologize. But for the month of January, I’d like to suggest some more chill music. Sometimes I do need something to fire me up, but lately I just enjoy the chill stuff.

So I’d like to suggest Lo-Fang’s album Blue Film. I loveee this album. I went to a Lorde concert a few years back and he was opening, I immediately loved his music. Another chill-ish album I’d like to suggest is For Emma, Forever Ago, by Bon Iver. You may have heard of them before (famous for Skinny Love), but the songs are perfect to wind down to, and the lyrics are beautiful. Lastly, I thought I’d add a good ‘ole tune that always makes my day better. Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede. Yeah it’s classic, kinda cliché, but you gotta love it. I will try to write more poems, sometimes it’s hard especially with school, but if anything inspires me I will write. Thank you, and see ya later.


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