I grew up reading fairytales.

I grew up believing in god.

I grew up believing in happily ever-after, and in prince charmings.

I grew up believing all men were like my father; respectful. I never thought that I would have to look for that trait in all men.

Yes, I grew up with a false mindset, and discovered life is nothing similar to a fairy tale.

But I still believed that most men were respectful.

I find it humorous yet awful, that I have to search for respect; that it’s not a given, that it’s not already there.

I never expected that it’d be so hard to find a respectable man, that does not just take women for their bodies, but for their mind and soul as well.

Let me ask you; what is a woman without her body? What is a woman’s mind, soul, and heart without her body?

To answer this question truthfully, based off of our current society, I’d say nothing.

It’s nothing.

But, in a man’s defense, how can you respect nothing?

You don’t.


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